I'm James Barnes, Internet Marketing Consultant & Web Business Project Manager. On this site you will find details of skills and services I have to offer that will be of interest to any business or organisation wishing to grow their online presence. I am skilled and experienced in Internet Business Development, specificaly relating to advertising, marketing, and brand awareness.
My skills will prove to be valuable assets to your organization, maximizing your company's revenue and building your customer base. I have experience in multiple industries, I enjoy learning about new cultures and meeting new people, and I am constantly looking for new business opportunities. I hope you enjoy reading through my website and look forward to answering any questions you may have.

What Can I Do For You ?

It's important to remember that what I do isn't just about web development. For a web developer, the end goal of their work with you is to produce a good looking website, for me that's just the beginning.
I'm here to help you grow your brand on the web, make the most of the power of the Internet, and ensure that people find out about you first when they start to look for your products or services.
There are many web design companies and a variety of different Internet marketing consultancies ~ These are two different disciplines ~ I provide both under the same roof, with a view to ensure an increased amount of enquiries from the Internet.