Digital Publications (ezines, ebooks, etc)

I'm very experienced with using the eDition publishing tool to create wonderful digital publications. So why not take that PDF you've got for your printed magazine or brochure and let me make something really fantastic online?
eDition is a platform for fast and efficient transfers of your (printed) publications on the Internet. eDition preserves the original image of (printed) publications, and at the same time it enables numerous different multimedia functionalities and limitless possibilities, which is offered by Internet technology.

The eDition's main features are advanced statistics, the possibility of adding different interactive elements (video, audio, animated flash, hyperlinks, etc.) and high optimization for search engines, which together with the eDition technology assures a higher ranking within the search results.

Every publication is also a web page which is separately indexed by the search engines and so together with the home website it doubles the possibilities of hits.

The basis for producing an eDition publication is as a PDF (as for the printed edition), which can also be enriched with other multimedia contents.
This means we can preserve the appearance of the printed edition but it can be easily changed to an active web page with all the possibilities that the web offers.

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